Originally Published February 26, 2014 at MeridianTimes: http://news.jrn.msu.edu/meridiantimes/2014/02/26/3822/

Valentine’s Day was a special day in Meridian Township, not only for the couples fallen madly in love but for the businesses catering to their epic V-Day plans.

While many restaurants were booked up for days in advance without a trace of Valentine’s Day advertising and Hallmark shops were packed full with last-minute shoppers, other businesses turned to specials to gain the impressive holiday clientele.

Gilbert Chocolates in Meridian Mall received an enormous amount of attention this year with its chocolate-covered strawberries available for Valentine’s Day. The store does not offer these year-round, so V-Day was a special time to purchase Gilbert’s homemade, preservative-free chocolate strawberries.

“There’s such a demand for it,” manager Lonnie Kellogg said. “I’ve seen it for myself these past few days. It’s the craziest thing.”

Gilberts prepared over 150 boxes of chocolate-covered strawberries this year, with eight in a box. The store even had to make more after its initial estimate, Kellogg said.