The Chocolate Loft

Event and Meeting Room Venue – Downtown Jackson, MI

Are you looking for a unique birthday party venue, or perhaps a special place for a baby shower, girls night out, or group gathering?

Try the Chocolate Loft at Gilbert Chocolates in downtown Jackson! Located above our chocolate factory, at 233 N. Jackson St., Jackson MI 49201.

The second-story event room is a 600 square-foot area that can accommodate parties and gatherings for up to 25 people. Parties can also include chocolate-making activities that are age-appropriate.

Young kiddos love creating their own chocolate treats during a birthday party. We take care of melting and tempering the chocolate, and supply all the “extras” to add to their creation.

While the candy is setting up, they can continue enjoying the birthday party festivities of opening presents, playing games, or whatever else you’ve planned. Each guest will leave with their chocolate creations, neatly packaged and ready to enjoy!

If you’d like to rent the chocolate fountain, that can also be arranged, along with dipping items for each guest.

Please note: guests will be around and served any or all of the following: milk chocolates, fudge, almonds, almond bits, pecans, walnuts, cashews, pistachio nuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, peanut butter, marshmallows, graham crackers, toffee bits, crisp rice cereal, raisins, dried cranberries. Ingredient labels for our cream centered candy and caramels are available upon request.

Gilbert Chocolates is not a nut-free facility. It is the responsibility of the guests and their guardians to make reasonable decisions to protect their own health.

The space can also be reserved for meetings, luncheons, or similar events for your business team, non-profit group, or club. A TV with WiFi is available, should you need it for your presentation.

Give the Chocolate Loft a try for your next party or gathering – it’s something different to experience in downtown Jackson!

Chocolate making event at Gilbert Chocolates in downtown Jackson
Chocolate Fountain for rent at Chocolate Loft party room Jackson MI

Step 1 - Review our FAQ's

Room Rental Questions

Do I need to bring tables and chairs, or are those provided?

We have tables and chairs available, and there is also a couch for additional seating in the TV viewing area.

Can I decorate the room for our party?

Yes! Feel free to decorate the room to match your party colors or theme. However, we ask that these restrictions be followed: No decorations pinned, nailed, or taped to any surface, no open flames (other than those on the cake), and no glitter or confetti.

How early can I come to decorate the room?

Renters are allowed access to the room 30 minutes prior to the event, so you can decorate it just prior to your guests arriving. Guests will not be permitted into the room until the event start time.

How will the room be set up?

We have tables and chairs that will be arranged for the chocolate experience. Additional space is available to set up games or gift-opening areas.

Is the room handicap-accessible?

The room is on the second floor of our chocolate factory, and there is a flight of stairs to reach the room. However, if accessibility is needed and your time schedule can be flexible, we can discuss relocating the party to our downstairs store space during off-business hours instead of using the chocolate loft. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Is a restroom close by?

We do have a single, unisex restroom available in the Chocolate Loft.

What cleanup is required?

We ask that all guests place trash and debris inside designated receptacles. Our staff will take care of cleanup of the dishes and items needed during the chocolate experience.

Birthday Event Venue with chocolate making activities at Gilbert Chocolates

Event Questions

How is the event structured? Do you help manage our party and guests?

The person signing the rental agreement is responsible for the party flow and guests. Our staff member will assist with the chocolate-making activities early during the party, to give the chocolate time to cure before the party ends.

Do you supply items to create the chocolate?

We have suggested activities based on the age of your guests, but can be flexible. We will supply the chocolates and added ingredients to make each item, along with bags or boxes to package the items for safe journey home (if they aren’t eaten by then).

Do we follow a recipe, or how will we know what to make?

One of our chocolatiers will assist your guests, providing step-by-step instructions as they create each chocolate item.

What about nut allergies?

Please understand that Gilbert Chocolates is NOT a nut-free facility. Many chocolate items can also include adding nuts or nut products into the final product. It is the responsibility of the guests and their guardians to make reasonable decisions to protect their own health.

Can we bring additional refreshments?

Yes; there is a refrigerator/freezer available inside the kitchenette; however, some of this space will be used to store the chocolate items while they set up. You may bring food and non-alcoholic beverages for your guests during the party. All items must be removed at the end of the party.

Can we bring our own candy to share with our guests?

We are a chocolate factory and candy store; therefore, we insist that all sweets and candy be purchased from Gilbert Chocolates unless prior approval is granted.

May we serve wine or other adult refreshments for grown-up parties?

Alcoholic beverages for consumption are prohibited on Gilbert Chocolates property at all times.

Can parents drop off their children for the party?

Yes, although we require that an adult be present until the last child has been collected once the party ends. The chaperone adults are responsible for the conduct and behavior of all the children attending.

Can we mingle and network after the party ends?

We ask that all guests leave the event room within 30 minutes of the reserved end-time of your party.

How much does a party event cost?

Chocolate-making parties start at $325, which includes enough items for each guest (up to 10) to make about a pound of chocolate candy to take home. For parties with more than 10 guests, there is an addition fee per guest.

Meeting Room Venue

Can the Chocolate Loft be rented for a meeting, presentation, or luncheon event?

Yes, we offer Full Day Room Rental of $150 for meetings / seminars, with a $75 damage waiver. This room is suitable for meetings that have approximately 20 attendees.

What is included in the meeting room rental?

We can provide coffee, tea, bottled water and a 2-pound box of Gilbert Chocolates. A TV is available for PowerPoint presentations, writing tables and chairs included.

Can we bring lunch or other food items for the meeting?

Food may be brought in for lunch but cannot be prepared on site. All candy and sweets must be purchased from Gilbert Chocolates unless approval granted.

Are there any additional fees?

There is no charge to unlock the door if the meeting is during store/factory hours (8 am – 6 pm, Monday – Friday, 10 am – 6 pm Saturday), otherwise a $25.00 unlocking/locking fee applies.

Step 2 Review our Calendar

Step 3 Download our Contract

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