About Gilbert Chocolates – Michigan Made Chocolate Candy

Why does your chocolate taste so good?

We buy the best chocolates, nuts, flavors and other ingredients, use custom recipes developed over 100 years ago. We make the candy by hand with world class confectioners, and we don’t use any preservatives or paraffin’s. We make the candy fresh and control all distribution.

Do you make custom chocolates?

Orders for our Gold Boxed Chocolates can be customized with your favorite chocolates from our list of chocolates available.

We also custom-make chocolate bars for special events, celebrations, weddings, and corporate events, so you can have your company logo or other information formed on the chocolate bar. We own and control our own factory, so we can do things many other small chocolate companies cannot.

Please contact info@gilbertchocolates.com to discuss a customer order for gourmet chocolates.

Where does Gilbert Chocolates get their cocoa beans?

All cocoa beans are grown in the tropical regions of South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The chocolate we use is manufactured in the United States.

Do your chocolates have allergens in them, such as soy, nuts, dairy and gluten?

We make every effort not to cross contaminate our products; however, they are all produced in the same facility so traces may be present even if they are not components of the product. For further information, please consult each product’s ingredient label or email info@gilbertchocolates.com.

Do your chocolates contain hydrogenated oils?

No, but our Sugar Free Caramel does have a small amount. We are currently investigating ways to eliminate this from the recipe.

What is the percent of cocoa in your chocolates?

Milk chocolate =>31.5%

Dark chocolate => 56.0%

Are any of your chocolates kosher?


Do you have Sugar-Free Chocolates?

Yes, we make Sugar-Free Chocolate Fudge, Sugar Free Caramels, Sugar Free Pecan Turtles, and Sugar Free Nut Clusters. We think you will have a hard time telling the difference between the sugared and sugar-free versions. We also complement our sugar free line-up with the best sugar free chocolates we have found from around the country.

Does your chocolate have caffeine?

Chocolate does contain caffeine, and dark chocolate contains more than milk or white chocolate, but the amounts are minimal when compared to a cup of coffee.

Ordering, Shipping, Storing Gilbert Chocolates

Do you offer customized packaging?

The Gilbert Chocolates History Boxes can be customized with historical information about your geographical area, your company, or your organization. Please contact our customer service representative to discuss the options available, by emailing info@gilbertchocolates.com

We have access to thousands of packaging options, and can have boxes printed with your custom information. Wedding favors and other special event chocolates are often packaged in custom boxes for the occasion. Please email us to discuss your needs.

What payment methods does Gilbert Chocolates accept?

We currently accept online payments through a secure server at Stripe, which means you can pay through your Stripe account, or if you don’t have an account, you can pay with a normal credit card or debit card. We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover through Stripe.

How long does shipping take and how much does shipping cost?

Our gourmet chocolates ship from the Gilbert Chocolates headquarters in Jackson Michigan using Flat Rate Shipping. Please see our Shipping Information page for more information.

How long will Gilbert Chocolates keep?

When kept in our sealed packaging, the creams will last for 9 – 12 months and the nuts will last for 6 – 8 months. Once you open the package, they usually last for about 15 minutes.

How should I store my chocolates?

We handcraft our chocolates using only the finest and freshest all-natural ingredients, and special care should be given to maintain quality and freshness. Because we create preservative-free gourmet chocolates for you to enjoy, please read these suggested storage guidelines:

Always store chocolate in a cool, dry location away from a heat source and direct light.

The ideal storage environment should maintain a consistent temperature between 55 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures will probably result in the chocolates softening or melting.

Do not freeze or refrigerate chocolate, as this can cause condensation on the chocolates due to a higher humidity level than the ideal 55% humidity.

Chocolate can absorb strong odors, which may affect their flavor. For optimal pleasure, store your gourmet chocolates away from odors which could be absorbed.

Do you have gift cards?

Gift cards for Gilbert Chocolates can be purchased at either of our retail store locations. The ability to purchase gift cards through our online store will be coming soon.

Are Gilbert Chocolates sold in retail stores?

Yes, please visit our Chocolate Store Locations page for the locations of Gilbert Chocolates; and our Gourmet Chocolate Resellers page for a list of local stores throughout Michigan.

Can you send me a catalog?

Gilbert Chocolates concentrates on keeping our gourmet chocolates affordable, therefore we do not print a catalog version of our products. You can view most of our products online at GilbertChocolates.com, or visit either of our retail store locations to see a full display of gourmet chocolate products available. Seasonal chocolates are added to our online store and storefronts as each season arrives.

Wholesale Sales, Donations, Fundraising Questions

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we form a reseller relationship with retail stores who we believe will best represent the quality and appearance of our fine gourmet chocolates. If you are licensed as a reseller and would like to apply for consideration of our wholesale program, please complete the form at the bottom of our Gourmet Chocolate Resellers page.

Will you donate chocolates to our organization or help us with fundraising?

Gilbert Chocolates looks for ways to help groups in the community, and as a local business we get several requests each week for donations.   We cannot possibly give to them all, but because we want to help, we have designed a path for groups to follow if they wish to have a donation for a basket auction from us.

We assist groups that either have a prior relationship with us, or one of our employees is associated with the charity.   To build a relationship with Gilbert Chocolates, we can work with you on a fund raising project by selling our candy through your organization.

Here are some of the more common fundraisers we have assisted with.  You can see that the projects can be quite simple, or more involved.

  1. Distribute a flyer and receive a 10% donation on sales
  2. Local celebrity candy packer
  3. Sell Gilbert Chocolate coupons to your supporters
  4. Take orders and deliver the candy
  5. Design a candy bar wrapper with your design or logo
  6. Design a custom candy bar with your design or logo.

We would love to hear from you and would love to establish a relationship with you.