Gilbert Chocolates Makes the Highest Quality Chocolate Products

Our founder had a passion for quality, and the gourmet chocolates made to this day by Gilbert Chocolates embraces the same high standards instilled by J.O. Gilbert more than 110 years ago. We believe we have the best chocolate made in Michigan, and our customers across the nation agree.

From the original chocolate factory in Jackson to our current location, we have always been committed to using the best ingredients to make the highest quality chocolate products for our customers. Texture and taste are important in a quality chocolate, and our recipes include ingredients that are paraffin free with no preservatives.

It’s our belief that handmade chocolates taste better, so a labor of love goes into the production of every single chocolate crème, fudge, truffle, assorted chocolate, Panama Signature Chocolates, and more chocolate products.


A Standard of Reputation in Every Area of Gilbert Chocolates

Beautiful packaging, attractive displays and upscale retail locations add to the high reputation of Gilbert Chocolates. The richly-colored gold boxes introduce an anticipation of quality that is present in every bite of the gourmet chocolates inside.

Our customers across the nation appreciate the top-notch customer service we provide when preparing their orders for shipment. The company quality and value continues as each order is shipped, using flat rate shipping in carefully boxed packaging that is insulated during warmer months to protect the taste and quality.

We personally approve who we partner with to represent Gilbert Chocolates in local communities. Select reseller partners feature Gilbert Chocolates in their retail locations after a careful screening process. We want to be sure the Gilbert vision of excellence is represented everywhere that a Gilbert Chocolates box is displayed.

Customers and employees alike have given us creative ideas for new chocolate products, and a visit to our retail chocolate shops will show some of these, like chocolate-covered bacon, cayenne pepper pecan clusters, and chocolate covered Doritos. We are always open to marrying chocolate with new ingredients to create an interesting flavor and unique product.

If you haven’t tried our gourmet chocolates, you are missing the experience of a lifetime, both in product excellence and customer satisfaction. The goal of Gilbert Chocolates is to give you a first-class experience, from the time of purchase through each bite of our delicious gourmet chocolates.