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We’re hooked on Gilbert Chocolates, but we get to be with them every day! Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers who have bought, devoured, and shared Gilbert Chocolates. Try some of our gourmet chocolates today – what do you love about them?

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Your chocolate covered nut assortment is the very best I’ve ever had, and I’m a candy freak.
Lisa - Maplewood Pharmacy, Bay City MI

Good chocolates are my only lifelong vice! Believe me, I am a Chocolate Gourmet at 86 years. I have had chocolate from all over the globe – Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, New York, Holland and San Francisco — and I can say that hands down, Gilbert Chocolates are among the very best.

I will readily attest that the flavors exceed Godiva and any others.  In fact, this very minute, I can almost “taste” a Gilbert Chocolates Panama Cream.  I am so glad to have found your website!

Thela O.

Relatives were visiting at Christmas, so I opened my box of Gilbert Chocolates and had to laugh. My Niece’s husband almost drooled on my carpet! Her husband has connections to a locally famous chocolate candy maker here and he was quite sure yours would make that candy company envious!
Sue K., Ohio

I decided to give Gilbert Chocolates to my vocal instructor for Christmas. It was the PERFECT GIFT. It turns out that her brother-in-law is from Jackson, Michigan and he ALWAYS gives them a box for Christmas. Thus, she was delighted with my gift.
Rebecca S., Indiana

I don’t know what it is about Gilbert Chocolates but it is just so much better than any other chocolate.  I see it at Country Market and I just have to buy it.
Nan H., Michigan