Summer in Michigan Chocolate Gift Package


Ahhh, fond memories of summer vacations, traveling to the beach or camping in the woods, sightseeing lighthouses and other attractions. Here’s a gift package that will bring back some of those summer in Michigan memories, and it’s just the right size to give as a gift, too! We’ve included the following in this chocolate gift package:

Box of Gilbert’s unique version of S’mores – we layered a cracker and marshmallow, and covered the whole thing with our wonderfully smooth milk chocolate. Yum! It will remind you of those campfire treats (without the smoky fire).

5 Ting-a-Ling Milk Chocolate Pasties in a pretty bag – a mini-gift within a gift! We replicated the shape of a Michigan mini-pasty with a blended combination of ground almonds, toffee, and honeycomb hidden under a blanket of Milk Chocolate base.

A Michigan State Chocolate Bar, in either milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. We are proud to feature our Made-In-Michigan chocolate in this custom-sized candy bar, with the shape of the State of Michigan on the front.

2 Milk Chocolate Frogs – we wanted to add another fun item to this package, and were reminded of all the frogs we hear along the beautiful Michigan lakes, singing their croaky songs in the evening. So, we decided to mold two milk chocolate frogs to include in this Summer in Michigan gift package!

A small stuffed toy (our choice, added to your order).

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