Gold Box – Panama Assortment


Our Signature blend of Panama Chocolates gives you a special chocolate experience in every bite! We start with a smooth, velvety base of milk chocolate, and add finely ground almonds to the chocolate base before the dipping begins!

Each hand-dipped gourmet chocolate in this assortment is a taste experience of its own – with orange cream, raspberry cream, vanilla cream, almond cream, fudge cream, coconut cream and maple cream fillings as well as hand-dipped caramels.

Perhaps the best indulgence in our Panama Assortment gourmet chocolates is our specialty item, called Ting-A-Lings. Let your taste buds savor a blended combination of ground almonds, toffee, and honeycomb hidden under a blanket of the Panama Milk Chocolate base. Many have told us that they’ve found a new favorite gourmet chocolate assortment after trying the Panama Assortment, and we certainly agree!

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