Chocolate Gift Assortment Michigan Winter Warm Up


This chocolate gift assortment really is a bargain! Try our Michigan Warm-Up package to experience some favorite “winter themed” chocolate creations from Gilbert Chocolates! The Made-In-Michigan products in this pyramid package are sure to be a favorite as gift for others, or to enjoy yourself when the snow and temperatures drop!

This value-based chocolate assortment includes the following:

1-pound in a pretty, sparkly snowflake box of our Deluxe Assortment of cream-filled chocolates. These include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. A sample of our peanut, coconut and raisin clusters are snuggled alongside a wonderful cream assortment of orange, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, maple, coconut, fudge and peppermint creams, plus chocolate-covered caramels!

¼ pound box of Cappuccino and Irish Cream Truffles – some of our most requested Truffle flavors, packaged together in a perfect size.

One pair of “Mittens” – our Michigan-shaped milk chocolate pecan snappers (like a Turtle candy). Since Michigan is shaped like a mitten, we are adding these two to your package as a mitten set for you!

Three Snowball Candies – coconut creams rolled in flaked coconut

Gilbert Chocolate’s unique Michigan State Bar – in your choice of dark chocolate or milk chocolate (please indicate your choice while ordering).

A small stuffed toy (our choice, added to your order).

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