All-Star Michigan Pyramid Chocolate Gift Package


We think the selections in this chocolate gift package deserve stars, so we named this the All-Star Michigan Pyramid! Perfect for gift-giving, or taking as a hostess gift when traveling. We included the following in this gift package:

¾ pound Delicious Assortment, including assorted cream flavors of orange, raspberry, vanilla, maple, coconut, fudge, mocha, and caramels. We’ve also tucked in samples of our peanut, coconut, and raisin clusters.

½ pound Michigan History box – Featuring highlights of Michigan history – our Deluxe Assortment of cream-filled chocolates of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. A sample of our peanut, coconut and raisin clusters are snuggled alongside a wonderful cream assortment of orange, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, maple, coconut, fudge and peppermint creams, plus chocolate-covered caramels!

5 Ting-a-Ling Milk Chocolate Pasties in a pretty bag – a mini-gift within a gift! We replicated the shape of a Michigan mini-pasty with a blended combination of ground almonds, toffee, and honeycomb hidden under a blanket of Milk Chocolate base.

Sampler box of dried Michigan Cherries, covered in either dark or white chocolate.

A small stuffed toy (our choice, added to your order).

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