Advent Calendar Chocolate Box Assortment


We loved this when we were kids…it helped define the holiday countdown with a tasty sweet each day during the Advent Season!

A standard advent calendar with a window to open each day reveals our special handmade gourmet chocolates! The best part – YOU get to choose the chocolate variety to include! AND, get FREE SHIPPING on this product for the holiday season!

Select one of these assortments with your holiday box, and we will prepare a sample to fit inside each daily window.

Our Cream Assortment contains a mixture of many of our best chocolates, made with milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Cream fillings include orange, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, maple, coconut, fudge, mocha and peppermint creams.

Our Delicious Assortment of candies are made with only milk chocolate. Inside, you will find cream flavors of orange, raspberry, vanilla, maple, coconut, fudge, mocha, and caramels. We’ve also tucked in samples of our peanut, coconut, and raisin clusters.

Our Deluxe Assortment gives the best of all chocolate tastes with cream-filled chocolates of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. May include a sample of our peanut, coconut and raisin clusters, or a cream assortment of orange, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, maple, coconut, fudge and peppermint creams, plus chocolate-covered caramels!

Our Very Best Assortment is a gourmet chocolate assortment made of only dark chocolates, featuring cream candies and a sample of peanut, coconut and raisin clusters. Cream varieties include orange cream, raspberry cream, strawberry cream, vanilla cream, maple cream, coconut cream, fudge cream and peppermint cream, along with dark-chocolate dipped caramels.

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