Gourmet Chocolates from the Finest Ingredients

From the beginning, Gilbert Chocolates has been known as “The Chocolate of Connoisseurs”, with the finest ingredients, hand-made techniques, and loving care added to each individual piece of gourmet chocolate. Each of our chocolate assortments are carefully crafted for quality, blending the best ingredients to create a gourmet chocolate experience.

The following descriptions are also available on our product pages, but here you can compare what is included in each assortment.

Gilbert Chocolates Gourmet Chocolate AssortmentsDeluxe Assortment

This assortment contains a mixture of many of our best chocolates, made with milk, dark, and white chocolate and a variety of creams.

You will find orange creams, raspberry creams, strawberry creams, vanilla creams, maple creams, peppermint creams, and caramels, along with samples of our peanut, almond, and raisin clusters in the Deluxe Assortment of gourmet chocolates.

Delicious Assortment

It’s hard to come up with another name for what we think is the top-of-the-line assortment of chocolates, but this name truly describes this variety, made with only milk chocolate.

The same creams and samples from the Deluxe Assortment are included here, but we think it is delicious because of the milk chocolate outside.

Very Best Assortment

Dark chocolate is a preferred choice of many customers, so our Very Best Assortment of gourmet chocolates marries the favorite creams and samples with a special dark chocolate that is out of this world.

Panama Assortment

Every chocolatier needs a signature product, and we are proud of our Panama Assortment of gourmet chocolates. Panama chocolates have finely ground almonds added to the milk chocolate before they are hand dipped. Creams used in in the milk chocolate dipping include orange, raspberry, vanilla, maple, and caramel. The specialty item of this gourmet assortment includes Ting-A-Lings, which are ground almonds, toffee, and honeycomb hand dipped in milk chocolate.

Creams Assortment

Similar in the ingredients of our Deluxe Assortment, this gourmet chocolate assortment includes the cream varieties that are most popular, dipped in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. There are no caramels, nuts or raisin clusters in the Creams Assortment of chocolates.

Nuts Assortment

For many people, gourmet chocolates are naked if there are no nuts included! This assortment has covered up peanut clusters, almond clusters, milk-salted pecans, cashews, and brazil nuts with milk, dark, and white chocolates.

Milk Salted Pecans

This box of gourmet chocolates features one favorite item – our wonderful milk chocolate covered milk-salted roasted pecans.

Caramel Assortment

The chewey goodness of caramel in five varieties is dipped in in milk chocolate, milk chocolate with sea-salt, dark chocolate, dark chocolate with sea-salt, and Panama blend caramels.

You can buy chocolates online here on our website, or at our retail stores in Michigan. Our gourmet chocolates are also available at other select retail locations.